We strive to help our clients make decisions that are with their best interest and value in mind. Other contracting companies ( or un-licensed individual's )  may claim that your best interests are in mind, at MLC we strive to make decisions that add value to your project. We want your project to be so successful that no matter your future endeavors that involve the building trades,  you always call us for help and guidance with the peace of mind that your money was well spent.  From licenses to insurance or bonding, all of our projects will be designed to be covered by the best guarantees possible in the industry.


TO IMPROVE YOUR project PERFORMANCE AND PROVIDE A SUCCESSFUL STRATEGY that allows your project to be as stress free as possible.

project Management in Tupelo and surrounding areas

We contract all aspects of the Residential and Commercial building building trades. Our contract Administrators are licensed in the State of Mississippi and carry all applicable General Liability Insurances and Bonds. We use our knowledge of the industry to provide everyone from the home owner ( with the smallest to largest additions, remodeling, or new home construction)  to the Prime Contractor ( with the need of managing or sub-contracting tasks)  to the beginging self-employed trade worker ( with the need of contract management services) we provide the legal / code protections all the way to the management of the projects (materials & money) no matter the background of our clients. All work is budgeted and described by written contracts before services are provided to the owner or the builder.

T.J. Armstrong


Contract Administrator

Mr. Armstrong established Mississippi Licensed Contractors, LLC  to provide business consulting for small businesses and private owners who are looking for legal and professional management of construction projects. He provides the leadership and forward thinking that have helped provide many successful projects to our clients.